6" Wide Stroke Belts from 150" to 175" long- 36x to 60x 61501

PRICE: $19.65

For your larger jobs when you require stroke sanding belts. Our stroke belts are "Made to Order". We use top quality resin bond X-weight cloth. Since these belts are custom, there is a 4 BELT MINIMUM per order. Please order belts in multiples of 2 PER GRIT SIZE. First select the grit you would like and the quantity of belts.(2,4,6,etc.) Next simply type THE EXACT SIZE of your belt in the box below. Type: 6 BY YOUR LENGTH IN INCHES; for example: 6 X 156. Please be SURE THIS SIZE IS CORRECT as these belts are made just for you and CANNOT BE RETURNED.
CATALOG#: 61501

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