AT LAST, a new brochure, we like to call it a catalog, and a new website.  We’ve been using the same site since the dawn of the century and it truly was time for an update.  I hope that you will find it to be more user friendly and more technically reliable and up to date.  If you have a problem with any part of it let us know and we will try to accommodate.

About us, we’ve been in the sandpaper business since 1947.  It began with my grandfather selling abrasives from his garage, grew a bit when my father and mother began manufacturing and started the mail order business and in 1996,  I was lucky enough to take over.  It’s a business I’ve grown to love and I look forward to many more years of satisfying the abrasive needs of industrial customers, small shop owners, and you do-it-yourselfers. 

Stroll through our online store and have a look at our large selection of sanding belts, sheets, discs, drums and rolls.  You’ll find products that you can use for hand sanding, with your electric drill or drill press, with your orbital, belt and disc sander, your bench grinder and even your lathe.  Remember, we can make any size belt you may need up to 54” wide so if you have an unusual requirement, let us handle it for you.  Our 30 day money back guarantee still covers any products we sell with the exception of special orders, that are made just for you to your specifications. 

With the economy not in the greatest shape lots of people are “doing it themselves”.  We are still the best deal in town - top quality and great prices .  We’ll look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

One further update, if you have our catalog #205, check the back cover -  Mackenzie is now 8 and Parker is 6, time truly does fly, yikes!


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